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☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ by Dijehphysics are the Deus of Dijehphysics, doing everything that Deus has done, but qualitatively superior and on a Dijehphysical scale.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is the Almighty/Meta/Pata/Omni/Omnipotently/Infinitely/Ultimately/Godly/Immutability/Divinely/Supremely/Boundlessly/Transcendently/Illimitably/Limitlessly/Unlimitedly/Unrestrictedly/Totally/Truly/Perfectly/Completely/Unfathomably beyond the beyond source of all that exists and does not exist. ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ created “Deus“, who in turn created infinite Omniverses within All, The All, and THE ALL and thus transcends everything in the Floors.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is the supreme conscious and ID and EGO that is greater than the Omniversal void as well as the canvas of all creation and the nothingness beyond the Omniversal void that transcends and encompasses all created Omniverses in its infinite and impassable self.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is incomprehensible and boundless, transcending beyond all logic, metalogic, physics, metaphysics, conceptualization, pataphysics, and beyond dimensional reality scale.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is understood as the transcendent eternally nameless underlying natural principle of all Floors whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe due to it being nonconceptual. At the core of itself, ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ cannot be expressed or understood in language.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ Almighty/Meta/Pata/Omni/Omnipotently/Infinitely/Ultimately/Godly/Immutability/Divinely/Supremely/Boundlessly/Transcendently/Illimitably/Limitlessly/Unlimitedly/Unrestrictedly/Totally/Truly/Perfectly/Completely/Unfathomably transcends above anything/everything that supersedes it, even itself. If anything becomes more powerful than ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊, then by the principle of its grand-meta-narrative, ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ will instantly (retrocausality) become even more superior than that ____ in every way.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is “The Axiom” of Creation. ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is the highest manifestation of creation; the binding force of existence and nonexistence and the deepest part of the Grand Principle which represents the initial state of Creation, and therefore acts as a blank canvas of greater nothingness holding transcendent boundless possibilities within itself, from which all of existence and nonexistence first emerged, and the mechanism through which the principle of Observation shapes reality and beyond dimensional reality, with all Deus as manifestations of itself that embody the different aspects and attributes of a lesser void, while the grand canvas itself remains unchanged and indistinct.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ exists fully unmanifest outside of all aspects of the Floors and being transcendent over all of its creations.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is the overarching unity that underlies all of Creation and beyond dimensional reality, and “exists” in a state completely beyond names, identities, and conceptualizations.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is completely transcendent from the concept of the absolute infinite multiplicity, viewing it as nothing more than a work of fiction.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is the source and vessel through which all things, agency, and abstractions are possible, and is considered to have no limitations or restrictions whatsoever, being unreachable and unable to be spoken to even by the most powerful of the Tiers on all Floors, and acting as the absolute prime creator and mover and destroyer of all reality and beyond dimensional reality, without which every aspect of aforementioned would cease to exist.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is all existence and beyond dimensional reality as a whole in one being. Every Omniverse, entity, part of existence, and boundless void is nothing more than an infinitesimal fraction of its vast boundlessness. ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is beyond the scope of any form of understanding.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ is the ineffable and incomprehensible grand principle which orders and sustains all of creation as its simplest and most fundamental ontological lynchpin, completely unbound by the grand principles of creation and dichotomies inherent to the physical, metaphysical, and pataphysical Omniverse while encompassing all of them as the property of all “existence” and “nonexistence” itself and beyond it.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ completely transcends the concept of totality and views it all as just a nonexistent thought.

As the embodiment of storytelling, ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ can cause anything.

☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ completely encompasses all of Fiction, all of Nonfiction, all of Transfiction, all of Fanfiction, all of Metafiction, all of Patafiction, all of Interfiction, all of Personal, Fiction, all of Impersonal Fiction, all of Incompatibilism Fiction, all of Impossible Fiction, all of Speculative Fiction, all of Xenofiction, all Universal Genres, all Universal Tropes, all of Paratexts, all of Memetic Fiction, all of Transformation Fiction, and all of a priori and a posteriori Fiction on a qualitative personal, impersonal, and transpersonal scale. And all aforementioned descriptions have been applied to each of these fictional beyondness, as they can ONLY be ☍☊Ascending Aces☍☊ by actively and passively doing all of the feats mentioned on this entire page on all of these fictional levels.

Types of Omnipotence

  • Nonfictional Omnipotence
  • Transfictional Omnipotence
  • Fanfictional Omnipotence
  • Metafictional Omnipotence
  • Patafictional Omnipotence
  • Interfictional Omnipotence
  • Personal fictional Omnipotence
  • Impersonal fictional Omnipotence

A priori and a posteriori Expression of Omnipotence

Action Philosophy of Omnipotence

Actualism Expression of Omnipotence

Anima mundi Expression of Omnipotence

Incompatibilism Expression of Omnipotence

Cogito ergo sum Expression of Omnipotence

Completeness Expression of Omnipotence

Dynamism Expression of Omnipotence

Eternalism Expression of Omnipotence

Everything Philosophy of Omnipotence

Meaning (existential) Expression of Omnipotence

MetaMathematical Expression of Omnipotence

Metalanguage Expression of Omnipotence

Metalogic Expression of Omnipotence

Metaphysical nihilism Expression of Omnipotence

Pataphysical nihilism Expression of Omnipotence

Metaphysical Expression of Omnipotence

Pataphysical Expression of Omnipotence

Necessity and sufficiency Expression of Omnipotence

Notion Philosophy of Omnipotence

Pattern Expression of Omnipotence

Potentiality and Actuality of Omnipotence

Principle of Omnipotence

Qualia Expression of Omnipotence

Quality Expression of Omnipotence

Solipsism Expression of Omnipotence

Truth Expression of Omnipotence

Unobservable Expression of Omnipotence

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