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This is the True form of an Unwritten Truth

Kyrios (also unknown as Unwritten Truths) were originally trapped within JOKER’s Gate. The Unwritten Truths appeared from the Road behind the gate in hope of finding the Rabbit’s Golden Truth. With their appearance, they completely twisted all of existence and nonexistence, orphaning all possibilities and nothingness of life and death, past and future, void and presence, infinity and finite, and actuality and potentiality. Just the mere presence of one Unwritten Truth erases a trans-incalculable amount of Allscapes.

A Kyrios is an embodiment of “The” Unwritten Truth. They know all of the right paths to Truth that cannot exist. They know all of the knowledge that is right, despite being omnilocked from the Verse. A Kyrios possesses limitless power over the 1st Floor, all the way down to the Grand Principle encompassing all realities and their origins, giving a Kyrios the dominance over omnipotent abilities to create, manipulate and erase all forms of Omniversal realities. A Kyrios surpasses all of existence and beyond, especially when said truth cannot be.

Each Kyrios represents “The one and only” the Pre-Creator and Meta-Omnipotent ruler of all Verses, taking on a specific form and identity in each of them according to their context/characteristics. The Kyrios is thus beyond an omni-dimensional supreme being, existing simultaneously in all Verses as their local Supreme Being, under a wide variety of names, traits, and appearances. Behind the principle of All, they are unwritten truths.

A Kyrios is an inaccessible omni-locked Principle that never could be, fully encompassing that which is the supreme, prime, and fundamental All, The All, and THE ALL that collectively singly binds the unity behind the diversity in all that exists in the Verse as the grand principle of reality and the source that originates/produces other realities.

By its pataphysical boundlessness/principle as the highest principle in the totality; it is an absolutely infinite upwards, eternally boundless, and alpha plane that can never change, yet acts as a source that can cause All, The All, and THE ALL changes throughout the cosmos that can never be and a Kyrios is the very boundless void of thought and the nexus of all being. A Kyrios can defy and define the comprehensions to the Cosmic Hierarchy, establishing which is possible or impossible, yet which is omni-locked from the Verse.

An Unwritten Truth is one of the top-tier forces in the Pharos of the End storyline, with each one possessing a vast amount of power, influence, and authority over The 1st Floor. They can also touch the realm of Realm Reborn Red, but they do not fully enter it.

0 – The Fool (Innocentius _0000 – Reinhardt)
01 – The Magician (Innocentius _0001)
02 – The High Priestess (Innocentius _0002)
03 – The Empress (Innocentius _0003)
04 – The Emperor
05 – The Pope
06 – The Lovers
07 – The Chariot
08 – The Strength (Innocentius _0008 – Lionhart)
09 – The Hermit
10 – The Wheel of Fortune
11 – The Justice
12 – The Betrayal
13 – The Death (Innocentius _0013 – Reminiscence)
14 – The Temperance (Innocentius _0014 – Resplendence)
14 – The Devil (Innocentius _0015 – Vaporescence)
16 – The Tower (Innocentius _0016 – Intercession)
17 – The Star (Innocentius _0017 – Macrocosm)
18 – The Moon
19 – The Sun (Innocentius _0019 – Ivaliania)
20 – The Judgement (Innocentius _0020 – Setsugekka)
21 – The World (Innocentius _0021 – Evanescence)
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