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Aeirs Ending


Daemonesliberia… Within the vanishing cardinalities, the shattered perspective is always unraveling, as those titled as Drisca Vesclepius are always creating opposing realities. This is the daily notion of perspective; fragile and impassable. Beyond the daily notion of perspective, Red Legends reign supreme. They cast a rule of dominance over the vanishing cardinalities and the shattered perspective, but those that exist and do not exist simultaneously do not unravel to their supremacy. They accept it and continue on, each governing their own Master Set. But the story is never written…


The spellscape is Ouroburos Reborn Ω on top of the Glass Aegis calendar.


Somewhere within the realm of Daemonesliberia, the Monarchy of Vers Vera Causa has taken center stage, superseding the rules and logic of the subrealms. With their unveiling, the realm shifted, causing unwritten stories to self-create themselves. However, some stories were never meant to be written, and they have taken it upon themselves to find those of unwritten stories, and remove them from the paratext of the realm. However, there are certain alliances that will not allow their stories to be removed…


Posted on July 10, 2021 by Suggsverse

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