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The Neverending Battle


The curtain is raised on an unsanctioned story. As the orchestrata begins to play, the cage unprecedentedly opens up, freeing the fallen butterflies. Although the butterflies have broken wings, flickering through a broken sky, the butterflies flee from the play. Unknowingly to them, their vaunted wings has altered fate’s course.


In a city that is akin to the Theorem of the Rabbit Hole, where all possible “truths” can exist at the same time, a young kitten has appeared through the Golden Destiny Gate, searching for the whereabouts of the Nine Themes of God. Unknowing to her, her presence is marked for complete removal. As the little kitten unknowingly crosses paths with a butterfly winged rabbit, another genesis begins.


As a means to an end, a familiar voice has started to play the Song of the Neverending Battle…




“The cat’s eye sees Possibility. The rabbit’s eye sees Nothing…”

Posted on August 11, 2021 by Suggsverse

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