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Like Yesterday… (Complete Collection)


The year is 9998 in the A.U. Era. Nothing has changed. Peace is an empty illusion. Although there is still conflict among the stars, a harbinger of peace appeared. This man was named Adreus Genesis. Through his talks of peace and financial backing to help restore many star systems, it seemed as if the Macro Cosmos was finally going into a direction towards an impending peace. However, his vision was not popular among many, and an unknown extremist group assassinated him. However, because of what he represented, many stood up to replace him and carry on his views. Adjacent to this event, a small mysterious organization has made it to their mission to travel to the 365 end points of the Macro Cosmos in order to close the Gates to Eternity. Through closing these gates, the Macro Cosmos would hit a vanishing point, restarting everything from a blank slate. With rumors about the Gates of Eternity being closed, a small rebel assembly has sent out an exclusive group to stop the closing of the Final Doors.

Posted on August 11, 2021 by Suggsverse

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