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Nine Themes of God

The Nine Themes of God are 9 individual aretefacts that act as the power of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ separately. However, each one is sealed and needs to be unlocked in order to realize said power.

The Nine Themes of God are the fundamental aspects and principles behind the reality of the ♠The Ace of Spades♠. Individually they are the totality of nothing; together, they are the union of Nothing and All Possibility - The Grand Principle of Creation (IV). However, this is only the first beat behind their meaning, as the other eight extend into the trans-beyond. The last beat is key to The Art Gallery, which is beyond The Mainfold, beyond The Road to Tomorrow, where The Ace of Spades paints all of his work.

These are aretefacts that fell from outside of the Allscape. Each aretefact possesses one of the ten Absolute Truths behind ♠The Ace of Spades♠. The power contained within these aretefacts is nonexistent, yet possesses more raw energy than that of the _______.

The Nine Themes of God were introduced in Solecism.

They are currently within the possession of ?.

  • 1st Theme of God: ?
  • 2nd Theme of God: ?
  • 3rd Theme of God: ?
  • 4th Theme of God: ?
  • 5th Theme of God: ?
  • 6th Theme of God: ?
  • 7th Theme of God: ?
  • 8th Theme of God: ?
  • 9th Theme of God: ?

1st Theme of God - Chalice of God

2nd Theme of God - Crown of God

3rd Theme of God - Endless Poem

4th Theme of God - God's Eye

5th Theme of God - Heart of the Absolute Infinite

6th Theme of God - Horn of Gabriel

7th Theme of God - Lostpure Song

8th Theme of God - Lostsin Song

9th Theme of God - Omnikey

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