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The Original Paradox

As explained in volume 3 of Solecism, a paradox is a being/unbeing of uncertainty within/beyond the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY which collectively makes up the Grand Principle of Creation.

A Paradox is outside of the Mind and Soul of THE ALL.

A Paradox bypasses most laws of physics (of the realm in which Omnipotence walks on), as they understand the conceptual framework of the laws. There is a framework for all modes of existence, nonexistence, and supraexistence. In order to break the laws, they have to be able to make that mode or attribute relative to themselves.

A Paradox exists outside of all theories of dimensions and still interacts with reality. A Paradox can operate within the mental plane and the physical plane at the same time. They exist in a state of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time; fluctuating as the cause of themselves is the very effect of themselves (or rather, the cause of their origin is its effect; which can be applied to their abilities).

Impossible Physiology

Paradoxes are an anomaly in every space-time continuum. Even a step farther, Paradoxes exist in an undefined/undetermined state, meaning that they don’t fit into the standard transfictional verse setting or categories/classifications of existing beings or nonexistential boundlessness. As such they cannot be truly considered to be living or dead and amortal or undead, instead, they exist in an undefined area both inside and outside of the standard categories of being.

  • While Paradoxes may seem to be alive and exist, they can’t really be classified in those terms. They have complete freedom from any power that operates on being either alive or dead and amortal or undead.
  • Paradoxes are not considered to be a part of existence/the world. They are distinct/separate from it.

Paradoxes exist even when history is changed.

  • If someone were to go back in time and kill the their ancestors, the paradox in question will exist still
  • If they were killed by someone or something in the past, they will still be alive in the present.

A Paradox has a form that literally cannot happen and/or exist and is considered to be impossible by both normal and cosmic standards. The true form of a Paradox cannot be grasped by mortal and cosmic beings alike and they are not bound by the laws of the Omniverse. Reality itself prevents their true self from being actualized.

  • The form of a Paradox is absolutely wrong. They are absolutely completely impossible, meaning that there is literally no physical, supernatural or metaphysical way they can exist, and yet they still do, making their existence and nonexistence a direct defiance to the Grand Principle of Creation.

Paradoxes are meta-conceptually qualitatively superior to the concept of dimensions and dimensional physics. Their existence is fully transcendent of all dimensional levels on a conceptual/existential level.

  • Paradoxes opperate outside of the applications of spatiotemporal dimensionality.
  • Paradox physiology ignores constants defined by physics on any level, even compared to infinite or uncountably infinite dimensions.
  • Paradox physiology exist as a theoretical impossibility to the concept of dimensions, with lower dimensions and their laws of physics being fiction to them.

Passive Attributes

(These attributes are always active)

Meta Lawlessness: A Paradox can transcend any/all laws/rules that make up reality. Instead of breaking the rules of any system, they are out in out surpassing them.

Absolute Access: A Paradox can gain access or entry to any location, place, or time. They can effortlessly gain access to places that are spatiolocked, temporal locked, spatial-temporal locked, isolated, closed, and even omnilocked locations. It doesn’t matter where or what the location or target is, they can always access them.

Reality Path: A Paradox can create/open pathways to anywhere/everywhere, including other afterlife’s, worlds, realms, realities, dreams, planes, dimensions, universes, times, domains, etc. linking those places with the world the paradox calls it from.

Dimensional Independence: A Paradox can move through all infinite dimensions, without limitation, allowing travel through any time and to other dimensions. To a paradox, the perception of things are different due to being able to see inaccessible dimensions.

Limitation Transcendence: A Paradox can overcome their limitations, whether personal, impersonal, or transpersonal.

Paradox Transcendence: A Paradox can ignore the effects of any contradictions/paradoxes as if they didn’t happen. This allows them to avoid and ignore the effects of reality/totality-destroying paradoxes as if nothing happened and go about their business as usual. This includes paradoxes that a paradox caused themself.

Physical Law Immunity: A Paradox is capable of violating the natural laws of physics and using the forces for their advantage. <This truth-type applies to all media to rearrange the reality of that verse maintaining a sense of realism in relation to any world.>

Precondition Removal: A Paradox can remove any kind of precondition or requirement from anything in relation to themselves. For instance, they could remove preconditions that would need to be met for something to happen in relation to them, or to use one’s specific superpower, or to activate/awaken something in relation to themself.

Duality Transcendence: A Paradox transcends all forms of dualities; being independently and qualitatively beyond various dualism systems and their conceptual level. Paradoxes of Transduality exist at higher levels above and beyond binary oppositions and dueling systems, making them unaffected by binary concepts, thus gaining control over those binary concepts of dualism.

Boundary Immunity: A Paradox is free and immune to every law, rule, fate, predestination, concept, limit, and any other type of cosmic, spiritual, mental, physical, and mystical jurisdiction, making them completely immune to their effects.

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