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The Sanctuary

The Suggsverse refers to a series of books written and published by Lionel Suggs, officially titled Heir to the Stars. Those who have heard of it know it as a work that focuses excessively on power levels to the point of surpassing Omnipotence on multiple levels, and even that may be an understatement. The main story begins with the in-universe author/narrator, ♠The Ace of Spades♠, leaving his station after creating seven possible successors, and the ensuing power struggles to attain his position.

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Heir to the Stars, Heir to the Stars II, Dynamis, Prae, Glory of the Defeated series, Swan Song, The Church of Necessary Evil, All-World, and Heir to the Stars: Overture is the 1st part of the series. Heir to the Stars Overture is the final book of Phase 1.

Solecism, Guidepost to Tomorrow, and the Final Story are stories that take place at the same time, but open up the 2nd Phase of Heir to the Stars.

The Neverending Battle, A Song to Sympathize with the Devil, Dreams' Epilogue, After Epilogue, and Pharos of the End carry the 2nd Phase of Heir to the Stars. Pharos of the End is the conclusion to the 2nd Phase of Heir to the Stars.

Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope is what one would call the interlude. Its event is colossal, as it releases Heir to the Stars to what it should really be, introducing the new tiers and the transcendence of the realm. It opens up the doors to the 3rd Phase of Heir to the Stars.

Like Yesterday, The Neverending Poem, Battlestorm, Rebirthing, and Continued Story... create the chorus to the 3rd Phase of Heir to the Stars. This in effect leads us to the conclusion - Heir to the Stars III.

Aeirs Ending opens up the 1st Phase of Suggsverse.

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