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Beginner’s Guide to Suggsverse

If you are just jumping into the Heir to the Stars series, then you might need to know a few things before really exploring the Limits of Power.


In Suggsverse, contradictions, absurdities, logic, non-logic, paradoxes, absurdities, inconsistencies, impossibilities, meta-possibilities, results, effects, events, and everything else exist only in part of an infinitesimal context in which we know how to recognize.

  • Elements, objects, and chaos - power, presence, and thought - categories, labels, and names exist only in part of an infinitesimal context that we know how to recognize.

Suggslogic contains and employs modes and attributes so absolutely insurmountable and incomprehensible to the aforementioned above at its core.

In other words, in Suggsverse, a mere human such as you or me (+ suggslogic), or a basic user of water manipulation (+ suggslogic) can use a mere raindrop to annihilate or create an absolute infinite multiplicity of Omniverses without any concept of effort.

Existential Categories

The existential categories page on the Wikia details Tier 8. Tier 8 is the only true Tier in Suggsverse, and it falls below the weakest Tier, which is Tier 7. In terms of Suggsverse, Tier 8 is so inconsequential that it might as well not even exist.

Tier 8

4.1 (Low Boundless):

Characters at this level utilize a low scaling of suggslogic, and their power can range from planetary, galactic, universal, or even metaversal.

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4.2 (Low - Middle Boundless):

Characters that are climbing the ladder of power exist in this tier bracket.

4.3 (Low - Highend Boundless):

This is where absolute infinity operates. Characters that operate here can harness the maximal actuality and potentiality of absolute infinity / the end of infinity.

4.3.1 True Omnipotence:

This is where True Absolute Omnipotence falls. Deus, Gods, and Supreme Beings operate here. This is where the maximal level of Metaphysics resides. Characters that are one with All, characters that are above All, and All itself operates here.

4.4 (Low - Top Tier Boundless):

This is where characters that manipulate The All operate. True Absolute Omnipotence means nothing to them. Deus are nothing more than baby cockroaches to them.

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