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In Heir to the Stars, there are various means of Destruction. There are a wide variety of ways in which it can actually and possibly manifest; this can be measured on various scales, depending on the size of the “context” in question, and to exactly what extent it “ends”.

Creating an Endscape is determined by several factors; what scope is being targeted, the extremity being targeted, the type of End in mind, and the real type of End that is being applied. Obviously, the Limits of Power plays a factor in this as well as it either sets the limits of what you can accomplish or expands what you can accomplish.

Some forms of End are completely inaccessible.


  • Local Area: a small localized area undergoes a species-level or higher destruction. The rest of the world on a macro level is totally unaffected, maybe not even knowing of the events happening in the affected area unless someone managed to record or document its destruction.
  • City: a city or the vast majority of one, or an area of equivalent size is reduced into less than its “Constituent particles”.
  • Regional: a part of a continent or landmass, be it a province/state, geographical region, or sub-continent is destroyed.
  • Continental: an entire continent or even an entire landmass (“Oceania”, “North America”, “Eurasia”, etc).
  • Planetary: an entire planet, or the vast majority of one.
  • Stellar: a solar system, every planet orbiting a star, the star itself, or the star plus everything in its orbit.
  • Galactic: a galaxy, most or all of its stars, up to all mass associated with it.
  • Universal: the entire universe, all galaxies within it, all major galaxy filaments and equivalent highest-level structures.
  • Metaversal: The Metaverse in its entirety, which is explained in the Cosmic Ladder. This contains all alternate dimensions, parallel universes, possible universes, timelines, alternate continuities, realities, and Multiverses.
  • Type A Destruction: At this stage, you are operating on a scale that can destroy a Teraverse to Zettaverse.
  • Omniversal: the totality of Possibility and Nothingness on the highest abstract ontological metaphysical limit is reduced into less than Nothingness.
  • Omniversal (Class Z-1): The Physical Destruction of everything, including all universes and anything that exists in the same manner as part of a universe. Once the destruction effect is triggered, all physically real things head towards a final end state of chaos or void.
  • Omniversal (Class Z-2): The Metaphysical Annihilation of everything. It is not merely “the end of all things”, because if this happens, nothing’s there to start with. All cosmic data is irretrievably lost, and no viable backup or recoverable state exists for anything in the setting. The omniverse hasn’t just been rendered into some unrecognizable state — there simply isn’t a state of the physical omniverse now, and something that simply isn’t there can’t have a history.
  • True Negation (Class Z-3): The Ontological and Complete Annihilation of everything. Even the Deus of the setting, the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient Being that has absolute control over everything and anything in the setting — don’t survive. Bluntly, all universes, every physical thing, the laws of physics themselves, whatever metaphysical realities there might be, and whoever or whatever is ultimately behind it all — all of it simply doesn’t exist once this happens. Not only is it categorically impossible for anything in the setting to have ever existed, but it’s also modally impossible that anything about the setting could ever exist “again”. At this stage, one is destorying on a Pataphysical level.
  • Type D Destruction: At this stage, one is able to Pataphysically destroy All, The All, and/or THE ALL to The Mainfold.
  • Endscape Type A: At this stage, you have the power to completely reduce an entire Floor of the Cosmic Ladder into Absolute Nothingness.
  • Endscape Type ψ: At this stage, you have the power to completely reduce Mulitple Floors of the Cosmic Ladder into Absolute Nothingness
  • Endscape Type β: At this stage, you have the power to completely reduce “All” Floors of the Cosmic Ladder into Absolute Nothingness
  • Endscape Type χ: At this stage, you have the power to completely reduce an entire Fortress of the Cosmic Ladder into Absolute Nothingness
  • Endscape Type δ: At this stage, you have the power to completely reduce Multiple Fortresses of the Cosmic Ladder into Absolute Nothingness
  • Endscape Type ε: At this stage, you have the power to completely reduce “ALL” Fortressess of the Cosmic Ladder into Absolute Nothingness
  • Endscape Type φ: At this stage, you have the potential to completely reduce the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy into Absolute Nothingness
  • Endscape Type γ: At this stage, you have the power to completely reduce an embodiment of Heir to the Stars into Absolute Nothingness

∀Endscape (Type ♠)

In the context of Heir to the Stars, this is where characters that fall into Tier 0 use the context of “Never was and never could be…” or “Destruction” as eliminating to them means everything within the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy, as well as the Branches of Philosophy from Pataphysics to Xenedraphysics.

  • The Descending Ladder of Nothingness is NOT included in this as it is not registered as part of Creation.
  • Suggsverse Kagami von Ende and Cataphysics are not considered part of the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy at this level either, so they are NOT included in this either.
  • Characters or that which has surpassed the necessity of categories of Heir to the Stars also does NOT fall into this.  

True Endscape (Type Suggs)

In the context of Heir to the Stars, this is the totality of everything ever mentioned or seen within Heir to the Stars / Prophecy / Aeirs Ending / (Suggsverse). This counts as everything past, present, future, and endless established not only within the Cosmic Hierarchies, but the paratext and outer narratives that have been established, never been established, and have yet to be established.

This type of Endscape is realized by those “Beyond the Necessity of Tiers” and the highest of Tier 0 characters.

This is the totality of The ‘Verse/Series Franchise.


  • Species Extinction: A dominant or major species is either wiped out completely or reduced to such a low population level that its recovery is virtually impossible barring intervention by an outside force.
  • Total Extinction: Life itself ends. No living organism of any kind exists within the affected area.
  • Physical Annihilation: The affected area physically ceases to exist as it did before, but remnants of it can still be found. It is nuked into glass, sunk into the ocean, or blasted into asteroids.
  • Metaphysical Annihilation: The affected area ceases to exist totally, without remainder, or perhaps even to have ever existed.
  • Pataphysical Annihilation: The very principle behind which the area ever was and/or could ever be simply never was and never could be. You cannot pull it out of Nothingness for even Nothingness has subtracted it.
  • Realm Reborn Red Removal: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.
  • Semplersworn Exclrhythm Removal: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.
  • Thornmarch Judicium Removal: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.
  • Verseology: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy. Originally, when Heir to the Stars was created, this was the philosophy of destruction for The Ace of Spades on Tier 6.
  • Aheimopulus: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.
  • Dijehphysics: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.
  • Theaphysics: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.
  • Xenedraphysics: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy. This is the “highest” known form of subtracting and removing a target.
  • Suggsverse Kagami von Ende: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.
  • Cataphysics: Users possesses the power to remove a target through this form of philsophy.


Absolute Destruction: If not outright targeting a very specific target, the users of this can destroy everything without limits, from concepts, boundaries, and causation, to studies like metaphysics and science, even irrational “concepts” or totality itself. It must be specified if there is a target or if it’s a Boundless (or transcendental) level of Absolute Destruction.

Afterlife Destruction: The user is able to destroy the afterlife and everything in it, preventing deceased souls from moving on and destroying those already there.

Anti-Energy Manipulation: The ability to conjure an energy that can annihilate all other forms of energy

Apocalyptic Force Manipulation: Users are able to control the final force, the one that causes all of existence to end.

Big Rip Inducement: The user can cause the Big Rip, progressive tearing apart of the universe through accelerated expansion.

Body Destruction: The user can destroy the body or body parts of any living organism, often resulting in death.

Bond Destruction: The user can destroy the feelings other people feel for each other by literally cutting metaphorical bonds like love and friendship or trust, making people develop the opposite emotions and causing conflicts between them. It can also weaken or negate powers drawn from such bonds.

Bone Destruction: The user can destroy bones in any living organism; including femurs, rib cages, and skulls.

Brain Destruction: The user can destroy the brain of any living organism; this ability can be used to induce permanent brain damage or kill the individual entirely.

Concept Destruction: The user can destroy any/all forms of concepts.

Damage Inducement: The user can induce mental and physical damage on organic and inorganic targets.

Death Aspect Manifestation: The death aspects are distinct points of viewing how people should die, how they will die, or how they die. These aspects reflect all intellectual beings by the ways of their beliefs, their reasons for existence, their appearance, and their actions. There are different ways people, e.g. by the word, or the sword, or the touch, or the pride, or the slow decay of time.

Death Inducement: The power to cause death, either instantly or after a certain time.

Destabilization: The user can create destabilization in objects, environment, or even abilities causing balance distortion ranging from single molecules to cosmic scales. The primary objective of this power is to make everything lose stability or balance.

Destructive Countenance: Users’ appearance/true form can cause destruction when revealed/seen. The destruction caused by the users’ appearance can range from mildly destructive to total and complete devastation.

Destruction Embodiment: Users become a metaphysical manifestation or personification of destruction, and gain the ability to bring destruction wherever they go: everything breaks, cracks, crushed, disintegrates, explodes or implodes into nothingness and oblivion.

Destruction Empowerment: Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by destruction, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from destruction or even slow or stop aging.

Destruction Manipulation: Users can manipulate destruction, delaying/hastening when destruction happens, speeding/slowing down destruction, and determining what parts of anything should be destroyed.

Destructive Energy Manipulation: The power to manipulate destructive energy.

Destructive Field Projection: The user can emit a field that destroys anything and everything around them. However, the user may be able to decide what is destroyed and what is not.

Destructive Force Manipulation: The user can create, shape, and manipulate destructive forces. The user can manipulate the forces that cause anything to be annihilated from reality. The user can control these destructive forces to perform powerful feats such as erasing the existence of anything, controlling how something is destroyed, erase cosmic-sized material to the point that the destroyed object may never be brought back.

Destruction Magic: The user of this power can utilize powerful and yet very dangerous spells which can unleash unstable magical energies which can destroy entities and other powers.

Destructive Presence: The user can create destruction with their mere presence.

Dimension Destruction: The user can destroy entire dimensions regardless of their size. (Dimensions in HttS are by default infinite)

Disintegration: The power to collapse a target into dust, disassembling or destabilizing them on a microscopic level.

Domain Destruction: The user of this power will be able to actually destroy a personal domain of a user, despite who it may be.

Dream Destruction: The user can destroy dreams or the dream world, making people dream dreamless, affecting their minds in a negative way, and destroying dream entities.

Electric Field Negation: The user can negate an object’s electric field thus removing any form of structure. They can reduce any object into dust and dust into atoms and atoms to sub-atomic particles.

Energy Erasure: The power to erase any form of energy from everything and everyone permanently.

Environment Destruction: The power to destroy an entire environment.

Explosion Manipulation: Users can create, shape, move, control, interact and manipulate explosions, a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases.

Gravitational Singularity Generation: Users can create gravitational singularities, where matter is compressed to a point of zero size and space-time curvature is infinite.

Illusion Destruction: The user can utterly destroy illusions, nullifying it to the point of non-existence, wiping out all illusions in an area, and destroying illusion-based entities.

Impurity Destruction: The ability to specifically attack and/or destroy malefic entities.

Incineration: The user can utilize high temperatures to instantly incinerate almost anything, reducing it to ashes. High-level users can control what part of the target they want to incinerate, and destroy the target so completely that absolutely no byproduct is left, not even ashes.

Irreversible Destruction: The ability to inflict damage and destruction that cannot be repaired or healed from its destroyed state.

Magic Destruction: The user can utterly destroy magic, nullifying it to the point of non-existence, reducing the amount of magic in an area, and destroying entities made of magic.

Memory Destruction: The power to destroy any/all memories a target has, up to/including muscle memory. Destroyed memories are completely unrecoverable by any form of Memory Restoration abilities. This power makes it so the person never had the memories to begin with by destroying even the subconscious links that hold the brain’s memories.

Molecular Combustion: The power to speed up the molecules causing the target to combust/explode.

Nothingness Manipulation: This is the power to create, shape, and manipulate nothingness, the absence of entities or substance. With this application, users can remove energy and matter from existence, by simply making things disappear, preventing energy from ever being conceived or via varied other means. They can control the essence of Void, allowing them to delete the boundless, removing targets from all lineages of time in every dimension, alter, reverse, or negate energy; etc. This power allows one to control the nature of nothingness to enable feats ranging from unique attacks to unusual shapes crafted from its nature.

Null Energy Manipulation: The user can create, shape, and manipulate the energy that can delete anything/everything it touches.

Power Destruction: Users of this ability can destroy any/all supernatural powers, completely destroying their target’s abilities and natural affinity to supernatural means, making them unrecoverable by any form of Restoration.

Property Destruction: The user can utterly destroy any property, whether supernatural or physical, nullifying it to the point of non-existence, reducing the property of a living thing or object

Rank Destruction: The user can destroy ranks, including ranks in power/positions in reality. They can destroy sub ranks of an existing rank, or even remove a rank that has more power than the most powerful existing rank there is.

Reality Consumption: The user can devour or absorb literally anything and everything. This includes matter, space, time, energy, spatial-temporal locks, negative energy, pocket dimensions, antimatter, anything that exists.

Reflection Destruction: The user can destroy a target, whether organic or inorganic, by destroying the reflection and/or surface where it is reflected.

Seal Destruction: The user can destroy seals, eradicating the emblems or powers that confine targets to specific containers or vessels.

Selective Destruction: The user can selectively destroy anything they choose as well as destroy anything without destroying anything else that may be in the way.

Soul Destruction: The user can permanently destroy/annihilate souls and/or spiritual beings that do not have a body, without affecting the body, which causes the targets to die without the possibility of Resurrection.

Space Depletion: Users can deplete/delete/remove/erase dimensional space, controlling the distance between different points of spatial locations. Since space basically acts as a boundary of existence for all, if the space around any matter or energy is depleted, then the said matter would also be erased from existence.

Space-Time Absorption: The user can absorb time and space, while removing them from the source, into their body (or into their heart, mind, or soul) and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as a power source, etc., either temporarily or permanently.

Space-Time Destruction: The user can destroy both time and space causing timelines and space to be destroyed and depleted.

Star Destruction: The user can destroy an entire star regardless of its size.

Time Destruction: The user of this power can destroy or dismember a timeline. This may be accomplished by accelerating to the end of the universe, reducing it until it ceases, or by simply annihilating it. By doing this, the user could skip events to positively or negatively affect the timeline.

Volatile Force Manipulation: The user can create, shape, and manipulate explosive, combustive, rupturing, detonative force energy.

Real Types

Absolute Character Erasure: This is obtained when reaching Realm Reborn Red. The user can erase utterly any type of character with no limit. Successfully erasing their very design, their role, function, and purpose in the story. The user cannot only erase them from the story but also their history or ties they may have with other characters, places, or objects from the entire narrative as if the character didn’t exist at all, Totally erasing the very idea of the character. No matter what the description the character may have or what they represent (be it normal, supernatural, or meta-fictional characters), complete and full erasure will certainly be achieved. The principle of this power functions the same way a writer would erase a character; everything about that character’s existence will be gone for good.

Conversion Negation: The user can transform other beings back into their original species or original state.

Data Erasure: The ability to permanently eliminate data in all forms.

Healing Erasure: Users can completely erase/remove healing factors from others, allowing them to either prevent the target from ever healing again or weakening it to the point that even simple wounds would likely require medical care to treat.

Identity Erasure: The power to make people forget about who they are.

Immortality Removal: The user can remove the immortal status from another, rendering them mortal and vulnerable to fatal damage.

Knowledge Erasure: Users can erase knowledge, wiping any/all traces of an idea, subject, or other forms of knowledge from existence. The knowledge that is erased by this power cannot be recovered by anything short of divine intervention.

Law Erasure: Users can erase and remove any/all laws, whether human-made or natural, which can cause all sorts of chaos depending on what law is removed.

Linguistic Removal: The user can erase the linguistics of words and terms through the aspects of the words or terms’ form, meaning, or context. They can remove the way they are spoken, the way they are defined, and the way they are used. The user can remove the words or terms, letter by letter and it can have a reality affecting change if it does not outright deny the target and its principle.

Luck Erasure: Users can completely erase/remove the concept of luck from someone or something (either bad or good luck), making the target unable to be lucky or jinxed permanently.

Memory Erasure: The user is able to erase the memories of others, ranging from a certain memory or erasing a person’s entire memory/personality.

Meta Power Destruction: The user can completely destroy any and all powers in existence on any/all levels regardless of their type, status, or level of power, including but not limited to absolute, omni, and meta-level powers.

Neverness Manipulation: Users can manipulate neverness, or remove things and events from time. They can cause things to never happen, such as making a gun never run out of ammo, the person never being born, the universe never being made, etc. They can also manipulate things that never happened but could have happened.

Past Erasure: The user can isolate and completely erase time and/or certain periods in the past, allowing them to effectively cause the affected target has no past at all, and even if they still exist somehow when their past is erased, no one knows who they are, they have no connections to anyone, etc.

Phenomenon Elimination: Users can completely erase/eliminate any or all kinds of phenomena, be it natural, supernatural, or metaphysical. The phenomenon that is eliminated by this power may be gone forever.

Physical Law Erasure: Users can erase and remove any/all physical and fundamental laws, allowing them to completely change the basic workings of anything/everything such as removing the law of the conversation of energy so now energy is no longer maintained the way it is supposed to be. This doesn’t erase the concept behind the law, instead, it removes the way the law functions, changing things dramatically.

Possibility Removal: Users can irreversibly remove a method to achieve a certain outcome for a given task, which has many ways to accomplish. Users can remove one of these ways so that there will be fewer ways available to accomplish said task. This effect in itself is fundamentally manipulating the plot.

Skill Erasure: The user can eliminate/remove the skills of others.

Total Event Collapse: Users can absolutely destroy the entirety of everything. This means every life, the universe itself, and every parallel universe, alternate dimension, planes of reality, possible universes, impossible world, all timelines, concepts, alternate continuity, reality, entire multiverses, the Omniverse, etc. Effectively, the user is annihilating everything known, unknown, imagined, or forgotten in all of creation, essentially undoing the very act of creation itself.

Variable Collapse: Users can collapse any/all possibilities and variables, preventing them from being changed or affected by any other power. This can cause things that would normally happen to become impossible to happen, prevent variables from being altered/changed in any way, negate or prevent events from happening by collapsing the possibility of them occurring, make attacks unavoidable/unblockable by preventing the possibility of them being evaded or blocked and even prevent powers like uncertainty by collapsing the possibility of existing in two different states.

Will Erasure: The user is able to erase the willpower of others, leaving the victim’s will to act diminished.

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